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3D Show Product Introduction
What is 3D Show
3D Show, a 3D product-presentation program for furniture showroom. Whenever a customer visits your furniture showroom, you can use 3D Show to create his particular room and visualize the furniture items in 3D living room, sitting room and etc.

There is no limitation to present a wide range of fabric, upholstery, floor covering, wall papers… in 3D Show.

Step by step
Benefit of 3D Show
1. Increasing the sale
It is proved that 3D Show can directly increase sale up 15% as it can directly help in making decision of purchase.
2. Increase customer expectation
3. Sales person acts more like design consultant than merely a sales person.
4. Reduce showroom maintenance fee as all items in stock can be included into the virtual product database.
5. Enhance company image

Click here! Experience the 3D walk through of 3D Show!

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