Suitable for All Industries Requiring 2D Working Drawings
Based on the professional CAD drawing platform from IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC), BtoCAD offers identical functions to other established CAD systems. Users do not need to change theior working habits when converting to BtoCAD.
Software Comparison and Specifications
Functions BtoCAD 2009 AutoCAD 2009
Support of different versions of DWG format 2.5~2009 format 2.5~2009format
AutoCAD command Support Support
Command alias Support Support
AutoCAD linetype file Support Support
AutoCAD pattern hatch file Support Support
AutoCAD slide file Support Support
Mtext text stacking Support Support
Open multiple DWG files simultaneously Support Support
Explorer (layer, linetype, text style) Support Support
Unlimited undo/redo Support Support
Right-click shortcut Support Support
Visual menu, toolbar and shortcut function Support Support
TrueType & shx text style Support Support
Microsoft ActiveX embedded edit Support Support
Script recorder Support Support
Drawing, block preview Support Support
Microsoft Visual Basic Support Support
Raster image Support Support
AutoLISP (include DCL) Support Support
AutoCAD Development System (ADS) Support Support
Object ARX No Support
AutoCAD 3D Surface Support in Pro version Support
ACIS 3D Solid Can display in Standard version;Support in Pro version Support
External reference edit Support Support
Print style Support Support
DWF file format Support Support
Print layout Support Support
Secondary command relate menu Support No
Polar tracking Support Support
Object snap tracking Support Support
File protect with code Support Support
File repair automatically Support Support
True color system Support Support
Quick dimension Support Support
Quick Object select Support Support
Properties edit list Support Support
Five Major Advantages Of BtoCAD

Fully Original

Based on the ITC core technology.

World Recognized Technologies

Jointly developed by developers from more than 30 countries, result of the co-operation among thousand of professionals around the world.

Incomparable Functionalities.

Complete with AutoCAD functionalities at a fraction of the AutoCAD price.

High Compatibilities.

Supports AutoCAD menus and commands and functions so that designers do not have to change their habits.

Developed According to the Local Needs

Fast and easy to use toolbar improves work efficiency.

Recommended requirements
- OS                             Windows® 98 SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
- CPU                          Pentium IV or above
- RAM                          Minimum 512MB
- Hard Disk                Minimum 100MB

(The above specification is for reference only. Actual requirements will depend on the file size working on.)

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