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InteriCAD 6000 Feature
InteriCAD6000 is a professional software for interior and exterior design. With 13 years’ successful history, based YFCAD’s unique reality technology, InteriCAD can provide interior & exterior design, working drawing, furniture design and magic 3D functions, which will finally lead to a revolution in the industry. We’ve been collecting feedbacks around the world since InteriCAD3000 was published. After two years, now we are proud to release InteriCAD6000. InteriCAD6000 provides interior design, exterior design, render, animation, working drawing and furniture design in a professional manner. With InteriCAD6000, you can accomplish works which would take several sets of software to do (such as AutoCAD, 3D max, Photoshop, hand drawing) We believe that InteriCAD6000 can go beyond your expectation and become your best designing tool.
InteriCAD Features
- Easy to learn and use

All comments in InteriCAD are speaking the language of interior designers. For example: ceiling, floor…
InteriCAD modeling interface

- Quick modeling function
Designer only needs to work in floor plan. InteriCAD will create 3D scene accordingly.
CAD working drawings

- Professional working drawing system
Once the design is done, designer can use working drawing function to get a completed set of working drawings automatically: top view, side view, perspective view, dimension…
CAD elevation drawing

- Mass and updatable InteriCAD library
InteriCAD 6000 has a library containing +6000 3D models, furniture, home appliances, plants… Designers can also add their 3D models into the user library.
3D model library

- Handy material/texture/object edit in InteriCAD
Take photos of the material/texture you want. By drag and drop, change materials and textures with no limit!

- The 7 th Generation Virtual Reality render engine
The render engine of InteriCAD is amazing! It is fast, easy-to-use and out come with perfect photo-realistic renderings.
Virtual Reality
- Realistic lighting & rendering
Types of light source, wattage, direction, color… can be modified in a visible way. Only a few steps, designers can get the lighting effect they want.
Lighting vs CUE
Lighting vs. lightscape

- Flexible 3D Model formation
InteriCAD offers flexible and easy 3D modeling function.
3d modeling

- Intelligent 2D to 3D conversion
This function enables creating 3D scene within only 2 minutes! It makes communication easier and faster.
2d drawing

- Output various rendering

Besides photo-realistic images, panoramic, animation, sketching, chanel picture, and working drawing can also be made easily in InteriCAD.
DXF output
The new 3D Pano viewer gives you another option to present your ideas.with a wide angle of 360degree,your design is presented to its fullest,literally.
3D pano Sketching Channel picture By surface & material

- Exterior design
InteriCAD also perform well in exterior design! Its brand new exterior design function enables designer to finish landscape and exterior work.
Architectural design

- Furniture design
Simply input a few values you can design various TV stand, cupboard and cabinet.
Furniture design

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