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What can InteriCAD do for you?
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What's new?
“Satisfying customers’ needs and going beyond their expectation” is what we always pursued. With the release of InteriCAD 6000, we wish to keep pace with the development of hardware and software, and apply our innovation to interior design. While leading the development of technology, we make the best effort to improve our clients’ efficiency and competitiveness.

Support Intel Core 2 Duo, Windows Vista.
6000 VS 3000

Maker/Home player – Based on our unique virtual reality technique, YFCAD has developed the powerful and fashionable Home Player. With a touch screen, you can present your design ideas and new furniture easily. Give your clients a whole new experience in a few simple touches!
Try Home player!
Maker & Home player
Clone Function – The program contains fashionable model, design, material and lighting schemes. Designers can pick schemes at their will and get inspiration.
Copy object

Label – With the intelligent template technology of YFCAD, you can make your customer’s 3D room quickly, and communicate with them in virtual reality and record their requirements.

Scene level setting – Make appropriate contrast and get better effect.
Level setting

Instant Render – Preview the effect of main light sources without Radiosity.
Instant Render before
Instant Render after

Channel picture – Just when you think the photo realistic, InteriCAD perspective is still not close to perfection, we have this new touch up mode for you. This layering function will separate perspective into several layers for easy touch up in the photo editing software later.

Includes 3 formats of export: by surface, by material, solid color with texture.
By surface
Solid Color with Texture

Other new functions

Sketching Drawing – If your customers think the computer rendered drawing are too stiff and “hard”, why not use this new function to turn the drawing into hand sketch, making it “softer”!

DXF export – Repetitive work of making mass working drawings is annoying for most designers. With its unique working drawing auto generation function, InteriCAD solved this problem for nearly 200 thousand designers around the world. Moreover, export DXF function has been added to ITC6000, which makes elevation working drawing more comprehensive.
DXF export

Corner Window
Corner Window modeling
With detailed parameter setting, users can make corner window and bay window to their need.

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