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InteriCAD Procedures

Quick Design
Intelligent 2D to 3D Conversion-visualize your customer’s dream house. The 2D to 3D Automatic Conversion Technology enables designers to get 3D renderings in 10 minutes!

Step 1 – A floor plan (as shown) can be finished within few minutes using InteriCAD. With customer’s floor plan, designer can finishing the room structure
2D Floor plan
Step 2: Choose a template. – InteriCAD provides abundant fashion templates for customer to choose the room style they may like. Designer also can make or modify template by themselves.
Step 3: – The 2D to 3D conversion is ready. Designer can have walk-through in 3D scene.
3D view01 3Dview02
Detail Design
IInteriCAD 6000 is fully competent for interior/exterior design. Oriented all small details to interior/exterior design, it is a powerful and user-friendly computer-aided tool for designers. You can easily visualize your idea in InteriCAD 6000!

Step 1 – InteriCAD6000 can finish Floor plan and Parameterized door/window design with professional design functions.
modeling Door & Windows
Floor – With just a few mouse clicks and parameter settings, a designer can create floors in tiers or slabs or even create stairs in various arc shapes!
Step 2 – Using InteriCAD600 can also design Flexible elevation structure, Ceiling/ceiling lights and floor design and you can get 2D and 3D modeling design at the same time.
Decoration – Elevation decorations like wall paintings, Partition, wall niche, or fireplaces…can be easily create in InteriCAD6000.
Stair – InteriCAD 6000 provides powerful stair generate functions. Complicate models like handrail, parameterized staircases can be easily made in InteriCAD 6000.
Stair Modeling
Step3:One-click Working Drawings – Once floor plan is finished, by using the Auto-get Elevation Drawing Function, designer only needs to click one button to get working drawings of certain project. various working elevation drawings can be quickly created.
Working Drawing
Working Drawing – Making a working drawing has never easier. In InteriCAD 6000, working drawings can be automatically made based on the 3D models. Designers can use professional tools function to edit working drawings and improve the efficiency.
DXF output
Furniture design – InteriCAD6000 provides a furniture design tool. By Inputting relative parameters, designers can easily create furniture models like a file cabinet, bookcase, wardrobe closet, cupboard, office desk and so on.
Furniture design InteriCAD 6000 also performs well in exterior design! The brand new exterior design function enables designer to finish landscape and exterior work. Object-oriented modeling technology makes modeling simple and direct while building block mode helps designer to arrange/ combine the exterior design block. It brings designer’s creativity into real!
Handy solid modeling function makes doors/windows design easier than ever!
Flexible sloping roof design
Architectural elements include
Exterior Design – InteriCAD6000 now provides a powerful exterior design tool. In just a few steps, designers can create the structure of villas, office building and more. With the background and exterior design function, beautiful landscape design can be made quickly!
Exterior Design
Library – More than 6000 furniture models and materials are available in InteriCAD6000! Designers can add new models into the library and edit them as they see fit.
Procedure III:
Virtual Reality

A. Photo-realistic Rendering
Two render technology in one!
Interior Design
B. Based on the scientific theory of lighting and atmosphere, InteriCAD programmers developed render function towards exterior design. Therefore, when using InteriCAD render engine to handle exterior design, designer can easily get the vivid lighting effect of sunlight.
Sunlight render

Step1: Lighting and Sunlight Edit – Visible and dynamic lighting edit function, the type of light source, wattage, direction, color…of all lights can be modified in a visible and direct way.
Light edit
Support IES file and sunlight editing.
Support IES File
IES and Sunlight edit
Step 2: Material Edit – Excellent material and texture effect drag and drop easy way to change texture.
Material edit
Step3: Object Edit – Designer can choose object from library and insert into Virtual Reality, then edit any object in Virtual Reality, including move, copy, change size…
Object Edit
Virtual Reality – As the cornered technology of InteriCAD 6000, Virtual Reality embraces the world’s leading Radiosity and Raytrace technology. It enables designers to walk-through in a vivid 3D scene before and after the rendering. Photo-realistic images, panorama and even animation can be easily made in InteriCAD with an amazing rendering speed.
Object edit
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