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InteriCAD Advantages
Why InteriCAD?
Advantages of InteriCAD

1.Professional software solution for interior designer
Many software products claim themselves as interior design software. But few of them are as professional as InteriCAD. InteriCAD has its unique menu for interior designers and consider every needs in interior design.
2.Easy to use
InteriCAD based on AutoCAD yet simplified many operations. For designers who have knowledge of CAD software, they can learn InteriCAD quickly; For those designers who don’t know AutoCAD, they can also learn it in shorter time. Therefore, designer can save time to do their work, not on learn how to use the software.
Rich library for optional choices. With open interface, designers can import new items into user library.
Easy light-edit function. Light-edit is visible and easy to achieve various render effect.
High quality animation can be done easily in InteriCAD.
6.Integrated working drawing solution
By clicking one command, designer will get various working drawings based on the design.
7.2D to 3D Auto transfer function.
Improving communication with client by using 2D to 3D auto transfer function.
8. Compatible with AutoCAD various version.

Why I choose InteriCAD?
“ why I choose InteriCAD? I’ve been using this software for 4 years. The reason is simple: to earn money and to save my time.
Today’s world is a work requires speed. Especially for our designers. I graduated from academy 7 years ago. At that time, not so many people work as interior designer. I used hand drawing at that time. Although there are some software can make interior design at that time, I think it is difficult to learn. And I like hand drawing.
But I have to say, hand drawing is not liked by my clients. They often require me to modify after I present my work. That’s very terrible! I spent 2 or 3 days draw again, then it is denied by client. Then draw again! That’s a dark time of my life. I feel as if I have communication problem with my client.
Then my friend suggested me to use software. They said at least it is faster then hand drawings. So I began to learn AutoCAD and 3D Max. AutoCAD is fine, not that difficult. But 3D Max is not easy for me. So I mainly focus on drafting and have other person to do the rendering for me. It takes time and cost money but anyway, my clients seems to be happy with this.
Few years ago, one friend suggested me InteriCAD. He said many designers are using this software now. It is easy to learn and fast. Besides, the render is amazing. So I tried the software. After the sales person demo InteriCAD to me, I feel that’s the right thing for me! With my knowledge of AutoCAD, I can learn it very fast. After I finished the drawing in floor plan, I can improve the design in Render. The render is perfect! It is fast! When other is working on complicated rendering, I can easily make photo-realistic image!
You see I carry my laptop every time when I meet my clients. Because I can modify my design very easy while meeting my clients. Now they are more happy and I am also happy. It saves my time and I earn more. “

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