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What can InteriCAD Lite do?
- Step 1: Create floor plan.
InteriCAD modeling interface

- Step 2: Insert furniture and decoration.

CAD working drawings

- Step 3: Design further in a 3D room.

CAD elevation drawing

- Step 4: Output final design proposal and furniture list.

3D model library

- Benefit of using InteriCAD Lite
- Increasing work efficiency;
- Enhancing communication with clients;
- Presenting your design idea in a straightforward way.

Trial version download

System requirements
Operating system: Microsoft?Windows?XP SP2, Windows Vista?
CPU: Intel?Pentium?4, AMD Athlon or Faster
RAM: 1GB or more
DVDROM: 8 speed or faster
Display adaptor: OpenGL compatible video cards with true color
Monitor: Resolution at least 1,024 x 768 screen resolution
Internet connection: dial-up or broadband Internet access is required for updates and model
Browser: Microsoft?Internet Explorer 6 or later

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