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InteriCAD T3 Pro - Features

InteriCAD T3 Pro is a versatile and speedy application dedicated for interior design. With InteriCAD T3 Pro you can accomplish: 3D modeling design, highly photo-realistic renderings, perfect animation, panorama, working drawings and even anaglyph image, all within an hour.

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Features in Detail

Interface – InteriCAD comes with a user-friendly interface, professional interior design tools and convenient structure parameter settings. It follows the standard working procedure of interior design, making drawing 2D floor plan, editing and generating 3D image a familiar procedure even for first time users.
Ceiling – Designer only need to draw the shape of the ceiling. The powerful ceiling function will automatically create 3D ceiling with recess-down lights.
Floor – With only a few mouse clicks designer can create floor in tiers, slab and even stairs in various shape!
Elevation Decoration – Elevation decoration like wall paintings, partition, wall niche, fireplace… can be easily created in InteriCAD T3 Pro.
Library – InteriCAD T3 Pro's built-in library comes with more than 6,000 models and textures. YFCAD periodically releases additional libraries on DVD and online. It is also possible to import and edit users' own models.
Virtual Reality – At the core of InteriCAD T3 Pro lies YFCAD's superior radiosity, raytrace technology.
Texture – Material Editor allows users to edit texture of a surface by simple drag-and-drops. By changing a few parameters, designers can easily apply various materials: metal, glass, leather, wood, oil paint… Even complex models such as plants can be created with material setting.
Lighting – In InteriCAD T3 Pro, light source type and wattage can be modified by parameters settings. The raytrace process will automatically add this settings into virtual reality - As easy as your wish but better than you expected.
Rendering – The virtual reality enables designers to have walk-throughs before and after render. Photo-realistic image, panorama, animation and even anaglyph image can be easily created in InteriCAD T3 Pro.

Competitive Edges
Standalone CAD platform Easy to learn, easy to use
Quick modeling function Massive and updatable library
Convenient material/texture editing Powerful virtual reality technology
Photo-realistic lighting & rendering Multiple output formats
Newly added kitchen module Automatic online update

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