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Office Furniture Bidding System, the perfect solution for making office furniture bidding proposal!

What is Office Furniture Bidding System?
Abbreviated as ‘OFBS’, it is a program for making presentation drawing, floor plan, quotation as a completed proposal when making proposal for office furniture bidding.

Office Furniture Bidding System is esp. for official furniture manufacturers and contractor to present their products when making bidding proposal. It aims to solve following problems for its users:
- Designers spend a lot time on drawing the floor plan and layout. Because they need to draw every chair, table, cabinet in the proposal;
- When sales person bring the floor plan and layout to meet the client, it is difficult for the client to vision how the real furniture looks like in the building;
- If client is not satisfied with the proposal, sales person need to collect the comments. Bring it back and ask the designers to do it again;
- Working on quotation for office furniture bidding is also time consuming;
- When designers try to find a better way to present their design idea, e.g. using 3D photo-realistic images, animation… it is difficult to make. If this job is given to other company, the cost is high and it might not be the solution as expected.

In 20 minutes, OFBS provides floor plan, presentation drawings, quotation…and even animation! Check out OFBS’s excellence as a perfect tool for making office furniture bidding proposal.

Feature of OFBS
1.OFBS is based on AutoCAD platform. Most of its commands ( pline, copy, move…) are similar as AutoCAD, which is easy for designer to learn at the beginning.
2.It develops convenient function like creating wall/floor/ceiling, insert doors and windows… which saves designers’ time in drawing floor plan.

3. OFBS has numerous office furniture, appliances and equipments in its library. All models are in 3D format. Designers only need to double click the items to locate it into the floor plan.

4. The library of OFBS is open. It means, designer can also import their office furniture 3D models into OFBS so long as the format is AutoCAD 3D format and 3D Max format.
5. The 2D to 3D conversion technology enables designer to present 3D scene of their design once the floor plan and layout is ready. It takes only few seconds to finish the conversion.

6. Once the conversion is finished, client can have walk through in 3D scene. It is easy for client to understand the proposal. If client are not satisfied with any particular item in the proposal, sales person can change that item easily.
7. Besides photo-realistic renderings from various angles, animation can also be created easily in OFBS.
8. Once the proposal is accepted, quotation can be generated quickly. The quotation can also be exported to Excel for further modification.

Click here to download the DEMO of OFBS (size: 64.8MB; format: *.avi file)

After you download the file, if you cannot open the avi file, please click here to download the additional file and install it.

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