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Sketchup plugin concern‏

Sketchup plugin concern‏

This is the discussion between Sam (YFCAD) and Delon (Indonesia)

1. When they make an object with curve shape. After they export to InteriCAD the shape will not be smooth but it be broken. the edge is not smooth but rough.

Answer: Actually, our plugin will import the models as what it looks like in sketchup. If we create a curve model with low precision, for example, a sphere with 16 parts, we'll also get several part when importing into VR, and it will look rough. So if we need to get a smooth effect, we could create the model with high precision in Sketchup. Of course, we'll also do our best to imporve this plugin to make the curve shape look better.
Reply: With this method yes we can make .SKP curve model become more smooth.
But the problem is if we applied for high precision in order to make the model more smooth, the more segment we gain on the model. The more Segment on the model ll make us more difficult to apply the material because we must apply the material for every segments the model has.

2. When they want to apply mapping to the object. They have to select and apply the texture one by one because the object is not group as a whole but its separated into small parts. this makes the material settings very difficult.

Answer: The object is not a group because you ticked "Explode" option when importing the model. As you can see form the image, you don't need to tick "Explode" option if you want the object as a group. Otherwise, it will be exploded as several parts just as the settings in Sketchup.
Reply: Hmm...It's true that if we unexplode the model will become 1. And we can move the whole model with select mode. BUT for the material texture.. still we must applying the material texture for every segment in the model. (please check the attachment for the picture.) Actually it's the same with 3Dmax BUT in 3Dmax we can select the model and apply the material texture by selection. Meaning that the material texture will be applied on the model that we selected. I don't know wether u understand my meaning or not. Please ask me if u still don't get it.

3. Since sketchup is a free software. Most of them will use the latest version of sketchup which is sketchup 8. However, our plugin can only support Skecthup 7.

Answer: We've already have a new plugin for sketchup8.0. Here is a patch for sketchup on our website: ...
Reply: Thanks for the new plugin. We can use it for sketchup 8 already but we still have the same problem.
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