YFCAD software has been committed to provide high quality software solution for users in furnishing industries. From interior design, showroom sales to manufacturing part, YFCAD solutions help you better communicate with your clients and work more effectively. Furthermore, our powerful functions of modeling and virtual reality technology can help you better present your design. Real design is no longer a dream. We help you bring your design to live.
YFCAD software has more than 300,000 users and 50,000 enterprise users in more than 80 countries. With years of experience and resources in furnishing industries, we are creating a platform of integration of resources for end customers, designers and manufacturers. The platform includes famous brands of home industries, tile, lighting, painting and so on from each country. With this platform: designer can use real products in their design; end user can purchase real products from manufacturers; manufacturer can let more designers and users to know their products.
You can bring your design to your life with YFCAD solution now.
We will continue to upload more and more information of products and manufacturers to platform.
* If you are manufacturer and want to add your products into manufacturers' library, please be free to contact us marketing@yfcad.com

Who can use YFCAD Manufacturers' library?
- Users of YFCAD software

How to use?
By simply click the edition you need, the installation package will be downloaded to your computer. Double click the installation package and follow the installation steps. After installation, you will find 3D models of this manufacturer's products are in your YFCAD software.

Name Info PDF Intericad Lite InteriCAD T5 InteriCAD T6 7000