Government's Praise to YFCAD's Mode

Through years, YFCAD Software has been developing revolution to the traditional furniture business. Our concept, “Visualize it” has been proved successful through thousands of users in 80 countries, by improving their marketing and sales of furniture.


Sunpin Furniture is YFCAD’s strategic partner in China, which extended the network to 800 showrooms throughout China in years. On October 28th, Vice Premier of China Zhang Dejiang and Vice Secretary-General of the State Council Xiao Yaqing led a group of providential leaders inspected the showroom of Sunpin, and gave high praise to its service concept of “Complete Furniture Customization”. In this concept introduced by YFCAD, furniture showrooms can achieve higher sales chances by visualizing the realistic effects of laying out furniture in the client’s virtual house. This is not only a revolution to China’s furniture industry, but also the world’s.





During his visit, he was also introduced the new YFCAD solution iScan. With interactive presentation tool, customer can experience the effects of different furniture combination, by simply using a barcode scanner. Mr. Zhou, the GM of YFCAD Software demonstrated it by ‘scanning’ different choices of wallpapers, kitchen, wardrobe, curtains, etc. to the realistic virtual scene. This also raised interests and praise from the leaders.



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