Designboom 2010 - The 1st Polish InteriCAD Interior Design Contest

Designboom 2010 was the first Polish InteriCAD Interior Design Contest organized by our Polish partner, MT Partner S. C., with a great number of valuable awards for winners and participants. It’s been held in four categories: living room, bathroom, kitchen and living room with Caroline furniture collection.


This time’s Designboom was dedicated to students of the last year of universities/private high schools with specialization of architecture and interior design in Poland. The contest schedule was prepared in the way which gives participants time for familiarize with InteriCAD T3 Pro software and prepare maximum two works in two different categories. The registration started on 15th February 2010 and finish on 31th February or with the time when number of participants would get the limit of 50. Works had to be finished and delivered to the organizer before 31th April, 2010.


The jury which was represented by three professional interior designers, and representative of the organizer. They decided to reward five of the works:

1st award in living room category for Mrs. Małgorzata Mikulska


1st award in bathroom category for Mrs. Joanna Bielińska


2nd award in bathroom category for Mrs. Maryna Pelc



1st award in kitchen category for Mrs. Justyna Łobodzińska


Note: The official awards ceremony was held in May 2010 in Krakow, Poland.


The first edition of the Polish InteriCAD contest was a valuable experience to our Polish agent, their local partners and YFCAD. It has local range (south Poland) with representing only two schools and one university. There were 30 participants and 24 works were showed in scheduled time.


At the moment, our Polish partner is planning the next edition of the Designboom contest which will be more open for professional designers, to make the level of the works higher, but still will be focused on the young people which start their adventure with professional designing.


Good job, Poland!

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