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Meet YFCAD at The 37th CIFF
China International Furniture Fair Invitation

Stand: 5.2 P01, China Import and Export Fair Complex

1st Phase: Mar. 18-21st;

Stand: 4.2 P01, China Import and Export Fair Complex

2nd Phase: Mar. 28-31st;

YFCAD Software is a software company providing professional solution for the furniture

industry. With InteriCAD, our flagship product, you can present your clients with various stunning

solutions like realistic rendering, 3D image, 360°.

Come and visit us at CIFF!


We will show you how to turn your office project into 3D image in 15 minute!


E: marketing@yfcad.com T: +86 20 87535661 F: +86 20 87535661 W: www.yfcad.comYFCAD reserves all the rights for the final explanation.