The Integrated Solution for Interior/Exterior Design

InteriCAD7000, the 13th major upgrade of our AutoCAD-based software, is a new range of software developed on the basis of interior design working procedure. It has been chosen by thousands of designers from Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, UAE, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Poland and other 80 countries.

Working together with the newly released InteriCAD7000, designers are able to combine the initial stage of communication & interaction with clients, the middle stage of design visualization, and the final stage of project presentation & sharing into one organic whole. This will consequentially ignite the revolution in the interior design industry.

4 Modules


2D Design
Produce high-quality floor plan with ease and communicate with your client face to face. InteriCAD 7000 offers precise 2D drafting tools, intelligent object s for interior design, and thousands of free models. What’s more, the intelligent 2D-3D conversion saves your time for decorating interior space.


Based on AutoCAD, Modeling module exploits your familiarity with the AutoCAD working methods and user interface. It uses parametric components for the most elementary building parts, such as walls and windows. Best of all, no programming language or coding is required. Sections and elevations can be created automatically by simple operations. 

Rendering Module
The powerful rendering module transfers your project from wire frame to fully visualized environment in a flash. So you know exactly what the room will look like even before it is finished. Our proprietary render engine is easy to use and delivers high-quality output. You can also out panorama, anaglyph image, sketching, channel picture, working drawing and walkthrough for various uses.

Ceramic Design
Easy to use, yet powerful, this module makes planning tile layouts a snap. You can design a wide array of tile layouts, adjust their position with a simple drag of the mouse, visualize them in 3D, and generate quotation automatically.


New Features

Photon Map Render
The new generation of Virtual Reality embraces the world's most advanced render engine that is developed independently by YFCAD software. Including Photon Map, Final Gather, Real Sunlight and other new technologies, They can greatly improve the rendering effect as well as simplify modeling process and save modeling time.

Network Render
Integrate your resources to speed up rendering times with the brand new network render technology. It helps you to create the highest quality output on demand and deliver it on time.

Smart Light
This feature automatically generates light sets according to the camera angle and scene type. Beginners will benefit from this new feature to save time during light setting and avoid error from inappropriate lighting arrangement.

Model Optimization
This feature helps to simplify models while keep its original appearance. With the brand new optimize model function, you can avoid memory overflow when rendering large scenes.


Total solution, time and cost-effective
High user friendliness, much easier in modeling and light adjustment, etc
Fastest rendering speed in compete with other software for the same output quality.

First-class render engine self-developed by YFCAD.
Excellent effects for various materials.
Support IES format to display real interior light effect.
Real Sunlight effect system, capable of displaying real sunlight effect in different period of the day.

Massive system library with More than 7000 models
Additional libraries released every two months.
Online model library
Support free import of models with different formats