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    What can we do for you?

With 18 years’ experience in customized software, we understand furnishing industry and the needs of our clients.

With a professional software R&D department of more than 50 programmers, we can always find the right solution for you.

With a professional 3D modeling team of over 100 persons, we are able to produce over 10,000 complicated 3D models in high quality in 1 month.

With a project implementation team of over 30 staffs, our average time-taking for one project is 3 months.

With our own team and distributors in over 40 countries, we assure you our after-sales service and training. 



Customized interface helps to build a professional image of your company



Product models.

All your products can be made as 3D models or digital library 



Automatic quotation helps to reduce errors and increase efficiency

3D Template.

All your popular sample rooms can be made as 3D templates. 

Product combination can be easily 'copied-and-pasted' to clients 'design proposal'